Technical Management

The Senior Account Manager, together with technical experts of the various areas are responsible for...

  • Continuous analysis of risks, with the creation of suitable suggestions for your protection;
  • Evaluation of the needs of the client, definition of coverage and deductible criteria and assessment of sums to insure;
  • Optimization of the ratio quality/price in all insurance policies, regularly negotiating with carriers;
  • Regular creation of reports with details of all insurance contracts, as well as accident reports, renewal analysis and others;
  • Suggestion of new solutions or products on the market, and the evaluation of their applicability in each case, together with the company;
  • Technical and legal clarifications on every client's exposure to new legal requirements, tailoring their insurance portfolio to their legal obligations;
  • Selection and suggestion of the most appropriate Insurance Company for the underwriting of each case. To this end we work with the entire national Insurance Market, and have access to major international insurance markets.