Business Solutions

Since its birth the Group has shown a strong tendency for the development of specific solutions of considerable technical complexity for niche markets, in which F.Rego intends to be a clear leader.

We highlight the areas of our main solutions:

General Liability – Internationally known as one of the most complex and diverse areas. We provide exclusive national solutions that allow our clients to benefit from a wide array of protection as far as risk exposure is concerned, whether it comes from their professional activity (professional), from the products they produce (products) or by legal requirement (general). 

Environmental Liability – The protection of environmental risk, as well as the restoration of biodiversity damage take particular relevance in the current legal framework. The creation of solutions capable of protecting the liability of companies and economic agents is an added value that we provide. 

Directors & Officers Liability
The management features of a company carry on increasing responsibilities for the people in charge who shall answer personally for their management actions. The protection of your assets and your reputation is a challenge we enthusiastically embrace.

The origins of the insurance activity go back 300 years: it all started with Cargo Insurance. Because we consider this to be a fundamental area for the protection of the interests of each company and of international trade, we developed programs tailored to the needs of producers, logistic and transport, and international trade sectors.

Jewelry and Fine Arts
This sector which is traditionally exposed to onerous risks, particularly theft or robbery, has driven us to create a unique solution that places us in the top position in this segment of the industry, thus giving us the ability to obtain global solutions, nationally and internationally.

Agricultural and Agribusiness
The agricultural business and the food industry is experiencing a significant growth in the domestic market, demanding more complex and broad solutions in order to ensure an effective protection of the exposure to risks. In partnership with international operators with wide experience in this sector, we provide solutions for all those that invest in the agricultural area, in particular PD/BI coverage for greenhouses.

Credit and bond
Considering the particularities and specificities of credit insurance, F.REGO, as one of the first national operators to explore it, created an exclusive Department to assist their clients. Our preferential relationship with all insurance companies operating in this sector allows us to offer the most appropriate solution for each client, independently and accurately, in the market of ​​credit and bond insurance.

The Sea is an endless resource, closely attached to the Portuguese culture and tradition. We offer specific solutions for the aquaculture industry, in its widest aspects, whether it is “on shore” or “off shore”, ensuring the insured investments, in an area with an increasing growth potential.

Employee benefits 
More and more often, Companies policies' envisage insurance as an important way of efficient retribution to employees. Whether through a more common option, such as health, life or personal accident insurance plans, or through the creation of retirement plans. Get in touch with us. With more than 100.000 insured lifes under our care, we are able to create the best program for your needs.

International programs 
ur international dimension provides us access to exclusive risk  management tools, with wide experience in the creation and implementation of international insurance programs, tailored to the needs of companies who venture abroad. Whether through our group companies, or by using the networks that we represent, we have the best solution.