Principles: The Philosophy

The performing philosophy of F.REGO Group is ruled by four key guidelines:

Independence, maintaining a neutral and equidistant relationship towards the Insurance Companies, with the sole commitment of respecting the interests of our clients, in strict compliance with the ethical principles and the legal body that regulates the Brokerage activity.

The power of dialogue, due to the size and dispersion of the insurance portfolio managed by us, which ensures us a solid relationship with most of the Insurance Companies operating in the Portuguese and international markets and gives us a high negotiating capacity.

Professionalism and customization, as a result of our technical and administrative structure provided by qualified professionals who ensure supply of services of high quality, with regard to technical insurance assistance and customized service of every matter.

Availability and continuous assistance, because claims do not choose time, nor place, our teams are within reach of a phone call, assisting the client from the very first minute.