Quality Policy


F· REGO – Corretores de Seguros, SA. has a vision of excellence in the management of their clients’ insurance contracts, built on the accurate protection of their interests, both property and personal, and optimizing costs. F·REGO – Corretores de Seguros, SA. is guided by the following Quality principles:

  • Providing a service of insurance brokerage in order to achieve excellence in customer satisfaction
  • Developing new and better solutions for continuous adaptation to the needs of customers
  • Promoting a commitment to customer service, reflected in the rapid and efficient response to requests
  • Establishing a partnership with our suppliers (the Insurance Companies) and making an ongoing assessment of their performance
  • Providing training/awareness for employees to improve their skills
  • Maintaining an image of credibility and strength (before customers, Insurance Companies and the society)
  • Complying with the legal and regulatory requirements
  • Growing continuously and sustainably
  • Continuously improving the efficiency of our Quality Management System.