Since the beginning of its activity, the group REGO by FREGO showed great disposition to diversifying the markets in which it operated, looking for a very close relationship with international partners and insurers not directly represented in Portugal.

As result of this experience, we managed to bring to the marketplace innovative products and working closely with some of the largest insurance brokerage networks and organizations worldwide of which we became members and shareholders, not only in Portugal but also in Spain and Brazil:




Assurex Global

Founded in 1954, Assurex Global is an exclusive Partnership of the most prominent independent agents and brokers in the world.
With $28 billion in annual premium volume and more than 600 Partner offices, Assurex Global is the world’s largest privately held commercial insurance, risk management, and employee benefits brokerage group.
Assurex Global’s combination of local expertise and global reach helps you navigate the changing insurance landscape with confidence.
F. REGO – CORRETORES DE SEGUROS is shareholder and member for Portugal of Assurex Global.

Circles Group

Circles Group beneficiates from more than 15 years of experience on Special Risks Insurance with recognized worldwide expertise in Films, Events, Horses, Retail Jewel Block and Over Redemption Promotions Activities.
Thanks to its position of European Leader with more than 80.000 film productions and events insured, Circles Group is developing offices worldwide, with our Group representing Circles in Portugal since 2014.


Euribron was founded in 1994 as a network of independent insurance brokers to help their members extend their international reach and deliver the same level of service they provide to their local clients.
Today, the network has expanded from the original 6 European members to 25 company members located in 60 countries.
As the demand for international insurance programs increases, Euribron continues to expand around the world, enrolling leading local insurance brokers who share the same vision of delivering high performing insurance solutions and outstanding level of service.


GBN is an interconnected, technology backed, global insurance eco-system made up of independent insurance, reinsurance, human capital, and risk management organizations from around the world. We envision a borderless insurance network, both physically and virtually, by building an eco-system that enables our partners and clients to transact the business of risk anytime, anywhere, and in every language.


Offering Credit Insurance services to companies operating internationally, the Global Trade Credit Alliance (GTCA) provides streamlined policies that are tailored to specific requirements, and boast the dual benefits of local expertise and global coordination.
As a result of our collaborative working practices, we can be more efficient, reliable and cost effective than isolated domestic brokers. Our network of members spans all regions of the world to provide global credit insurance coverage. Each full member of the GTCA is an independent credit insurance broker at the forefront of their profession, with years of experience and invaluable insight into their country’s financial systems and processes.
Working in partnership, we can offer clients a much stronger, more efficient Credit Insurance solution that delivers a host of benefits.

Mackenzie Taylor Benefits

Mackenzie Taylor provides the expertise and advice of a large employee benefits consultancy, but with the price and service only a boutique practice can provide.

Trust Risk Control

International insurance consultant to insurance brokers Creator of a worldwide insurance broker alliance Insurance broker for global 'reverse flow business.
With 115 Members and actively managed international accounts in more than 85 countries TRC does belong to the leading insurance broker networks worldwide.

Unison Steadfast

Founded in 2005, with more than 300 insurance brokers it is a global network for the international insurance management, whose special services and solutions are for members only.
In this way, unisonBrokers enables its network partners to extend their own services with their customary quality to every country around the world.